Digital Leader Habib Amir is Promoted to Global Managing Director of Prestigious Venues

New Appointment

The Prestigious Venues senior board has promoted Habib Amir to Global Managing Director as of February 2014. Habib previously advised luxury hotel groups and brands on digital transformation and marketing strategy across a range of industries. His consultancy roles since 2002 have seen him working with WPP PR agency, Clarion, UTV Media and Havas Worldwide, advising key brands including Unilever, Google and Sony. Habib will now focus on Prestigious Venues global strategy and growth. He will continue his advisory role to Clarion clients and remain on the WPP Digital European Advisory Board.

Habib has helped global hotel brands across a wide range of digital communications since 2002 but now brings a wealth of digital public relations experience to Prestigious Venues. The key market for the company remains the UK but due to 15%+ growth from the U.S and Australia in Q4 of 2013, the company now plans digital investments in other global markets. 

Prestigious Venues now has presence in 11 countries, delivering an estimated 14 million a year in events revenue to 75 of its member venues. Events booked through Prestigious Venues include conferences, seminars, board meetings, banquets, gala dinners, product launches, receptions, engagements, weddings, corporate incentives and other bespoke packages. The company hand-picks its member venues based on a criteria of the venue quality, performance and reputation. It stands as the only global supplier of premium private and corporate event spaces. The company plans to grow its search, social and email initiatives, which currently deliver the majority of its new business.

Habib's industry credentials and past work at Prestigious Venues makes him a natural fit to direct the company's global initiatives. He is among the youngest global managing directors with a vision of revolutionising the way event bookers find inspiration, choice and the right venues for their events.

"The luxury venue industry is going through a radical transition and premium event bookers no longer select venues through traditional channels. They're looking to benchmark venues because they have choice, they're looking local as well as global, they expect to find inspiration on the go and there is a new expectation of quality - as they want more for their budgets. So this reduced loyalty to book the same venues repeatedly means two added challenges - firstly, venues have to position themselves to be easily reachable by key event bookers, and secondly, they have to protect and position their brand strategically so that they are benchmarked only against competitors in their own league, on a global level. We hope to continue helping both event bookers and member venues manage these challenges well; across all our key markets." Habib Amir, Global Managing Director, Prestigious Venues
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Prestigious Venues is the world's leading luxury venue network, connecting the best venues with the right clients. As the preferred online destination for corporate event bookers, the platform improves awareness, recognition and event sales for its member venues worldwide. From corporate conferences and gala dinners to private parties and anniversaries, Prestigious Venues places distinguished client events at the world’s best venues.

Venues range from prestigious restaurants, bars and clubs, to luxury hotels, palaces, villas, grand halls, ballrooms, galleries, gardens and more.

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