The Top 5 Reasons To Plan A Wedding In The Mediterranean

Take note prospective couples and wedding planners looking to host a prestigious celebration

There are 5 key reasons why a couple looking to get married in 2014 or 2015 would host their event in a Mediterranean wedding venue. These reasons include the low cost, the excellent and reliable regional weather, high quality food and services as well as unique outdoor settings for ceremonies and receptions. Destination weddings are increasingly popular for couples looking for a variety of benefits. We’ve gathered together the top 5 reasons to look for wedding venues in the Mediterranean.

Here’s a guide to planning a wedding in the sun hosted by a prestigious venue, with all the trimmings, in a unique setting, all for an unbeatable price. Venues such as Vidago Palace in Portugal provide the right value to couples due to their location. The Mediterranean is well and truly open for business. Here are the top 5 reasons why couples should be looking to host a wedding in the Mediterranean:

1) COST: The average cost of a wedding in Britain has exceeded £18,000* which is 113% of the average annual wage. Due to the current strong position of the Pound against the Euro, a wedding fit for a King and Queen can be had at a fraction of the cost in some hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

2) WEATHER: Not only do these venues offer sensational facilities and standards but as a destination, many benefit from over 12 hours of sunshine per day from June to August. Couple this with perfect average temperatures of 25 degrees, depending on the location, and you have your perfect wedding weather.

3) FOOD: Mediterranean food and wine is always a winner. Temperate climates and warm sunshine produce an abundance of fresh local food. Wedding banquets can incorporate a variety of seafood, organic meats, homemade dishes and other treats, to create decadent wedding feasts. For instance, in Portugal, guests can enjoy wild local delicacies and some of the best Port wine available.

4) MAKE IT LAST: Why have a special occasion all over in a flash? It’s one of the most memorable and important days of your life! Make it a destination wedding and guests can spend some quality time with the wedding party over a long weekend. Book the whole venue so guests can stay for longer, celebrating in style in the Mediterranean sun.

5) ADVENTURE: Brides and grooms can create a personal adventure in the Mediterranean by exploring new locations, customs and ways to celebrate at the venue. In addition to grand indoor event spaces such as the ballroom, venues offer a variety of outdoor spaces that add a sense of adventure to the ceremony or reception.

Mediterranean venues such as Vidago Palace in Portugal offer unbeatable luxury and an unparalleled setting for a memorable wedding. A 70 bedroom mansion set in the Portuguese countryside, Vidago provides brides and grooms with an exceptional location for their destination wedding. Offering an elegant grand ballroom, an on-site spa, an 18-hole Mackenzie Ross golf course and 250 acres of woods and parkland, Vidago Palace is the ideal Mediterranean wedding venue.

For all brides and grooms looking to tie the knot in 2014 and 2015, the Mediterranean is the place to look for wedding venues. From cost, to weather, food and the spirit of adventure, it’s all there for the taking. So whether you are using a wedding planner or doing it yourself, there are some exceptional wedding venues for you to choose from. Explore the Top 3 Mediterranean Wedding Venues

*Telegraph, 22nd May 2013.

"For savvy brides and grooms, the Mediterranean is the place to look for wedding venues that offer great value as well as a variety of advantages over wedding locations closer to home. This year and next, our clients will be seeking wedding destinations that not only offer value but provide unique features to make their day a stand out." Jessamie Dunton-Rose, Prestigious Venues
"Vidago Palace Hotel is a Palace hidden in the forest. Where all dreams can come true and all weddings become fairytales" Pedro Martins, Vidago Palace Hotel
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