Working From The Beach To Save $225 Billion Per Year

New initiative to promote the benefits of companies working from a beach

04 JULY 2013, LONDON, UK
The ‘Work From The Beach’ programme has stemmed from the discontent of staff in urban work places. The campaign offers the incentive of working from a beach as a solution to employee satisfaction and motivation. Developed by event space specialist, Prestigious Venues, the campaign promises to improve productivity, creativity and staff satisfaction.

Latest research in the UK and US shows unhappy employees are disengaged, less productive and are more likely to leave their job within a year. A study commissioned by Gallup found that discontent employees are costing companies in the US over $450 billion per annum. While most companies may not be aware of the scale of the problem, there is no doubt that they frequently look for new ways to combat this problem. Prestigious Venues proposes that at least 50% of employee dissatisfaction can be avoided through meaningful incentives and can save the US $225 billion.

‘Work from the Beach’ is a campaign specifically designed to provide a cost effective solution to this problem. The initiative offers employees the chance to unwind and the reassurance that they are valued members of staff. More importantly, it provides a new creative space that allows new ideas to flourish in comparison to the traditional office space.

The initiative is set to launch by Prestigious Venues on the 15th of July 2013. The first in a series of approved venues to showcase the concept is the InterContinental Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel in Cyprus. The resort is chosen on the basis of its diverse business facilities allowing companies to work effectively, whilst offering the leisure facilities on the beach that reward productivity. Prestigious Venues will trial the concept by relocating its office from London to this beach resort for 3 weeks.

Prestigious Venues predicts that ‘Work From The Beach’ campaign will enhance enterprise bottom line by up to 15%, depending on the size of the company.
"If we know that one in four Brits are unhappy with their current jobs, it gives us an idea about the size of the crisis in the rest of the world. It makes perfect sense for us to pioneer smart solutions that can make a measurable difference on a global scale. We’re confident that the #WorkFromTheBeach campaign will offer meaningful value to businesses, their employees and the wider economy." Habib Amir, Director of Innovation, Prestigious Venues
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